August 9, 2022


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Colloidal Silver, fraud or natural anti-biotic?

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colloidal-silver-NAWith so much hype on both sides of the Colloidal Silver issue it is some time for real information.
In this interview on “The Smith Fix” I talk with Mario Cifaldi, Developer of The Silver Lungs Generator.
Will it turn you Blue? What is Colloidal Silver? What is Ionic Silver? How do I use it? How does it, or does it kill virus’, bacteria, fungus?
If you have been buying “Colloidal Silver” there is a good chance you are being ripped off. Not because Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver not being real, but because of false claims that the product is “Colloid” when it is “Ionic”. Claims of “Super Density” are a scam as well. Why? Listen in and find out!
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