June 29, 2022


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Becoming Your Own Health Care Provider!

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How To Be Your Own Health Care Provider
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Health Care ProviderTEOTWAWKI has happened. Your world has been thrown into chaos. The services you once could depend upon are gone. If you’re going to survive, you need to be prepared to be your own health care provider.

For all of the problems with our medical care system, most people have some form of coverage and can see a physician or access a hospital and a pharmacy. Yes, many are under-served or have had their access denied entirely. But, most people can still count on calling their doctor, scheduling an appointment, and be seen when they need it.

1-18-15 fe8a8354cc8cc5044a0f6a706700e759Consider for a moment, however, that our nation faced a major emergency- perhaps an EMP, an economic crash, or a deadly epidemic. We have seen how little it can take during a crisis before looting starts. In a major disaster, however, some of the first places to be looted will be hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

Health Care ProviderWhat it would mean to have no access to a doctor for an extended period of time. Often when we think of SHTF and medical care, we think about emergencies like gun shot wounds, how to suture, antibiotics, and pain medications. And while all that is important, at some point, people will begin to rebuild their neighborhoods and communities. At some point, all of those less dramatic medical needs that trigger a doctor’s visit now will eventually happen after a disaster.

Health Care ProviderYou are not prepped unless you have someone in your household or group who has some kind of health care training. And, preferably more than just one person. What skills do you need? What supplies do you need to have on hand? Plus, short of going to medical school, how do you gain the knowledge and experience you need to be a help those around you? Listen to this episode to find out.
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