December 2, 2022


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Silence the Opposition!

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The News Pt 2 Silence the Opposition!
Allen Getz “Behind The Headlines” Audio player below

Silence the OppositionThis week’s broadcast of Behind the Lines continues the exploration of the ‘tactical execution and practical application’ of collectivization. This practical application includes the implementation of mechanisms that eliminate opposing viewpoints. When these mechanisms manifest themselves within present day events (with the goal of intentionally silencing divergent ideas) recognizing and identifying this behavior acquires a sense of urgency.

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This episode examines the portion of the Institute for Social Research’s plan for the destabilization of society via manipulation of the means of communication and news dissemination. The focus will rest on the Institute’ goal of creating a ‘dumb-ed-down, easily manipulated, media machine’ – the control of information-broadcasting outlets (including, but not limited to, news agencies) for purposes of societal ‘programming’. A review of this principle, its motivations for being, and the execution of its design bring into sharp focus apparently unrelated events. Also, the investigation into specific methods to mold public opinion undergo dissection.

During this episode, the focus rests upon examining the day-to-day implementation of ‘Mainstream Media Manipulation’ as revealed in the ‘points’ of the Institute for Social Research. Focused commentary and exposition of current events assist in our understanding the historical basis for this behavior. Correct comprehension of this environment provide the situational awareness needed for success in modern-day society. This success will lead toward preparing the means (e. g. strategies and defenses) necessary to protect ourselves from the dangers that present themselves in this type of environment.

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