December 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preppers Make the Big Time on the Joe Rogan Experience

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First off there are a ton of people who deserve credit for the nearly 2 hour conversation on the most popular podcast in the world that centered mostly on preppers and the idea of prepping. Obviously, the guest, Dr. Bradley Garrett, took the initiative to write his book and his publisher got him a seat in front of Joe Rogan, I assume.

However, the softening of the survivalist movement and the efforts of many preppers led to an accessible community of preppers with rational philosophies, skill sets and resources that could be probed by media in the way that we at PBN have been over the years. if not for the efforts of these preppers we would still be a micro contingency of underappreciated people with a secret “hobby” our spouses hate.

Moreover, our nation would not have access to such a massive collection of information on how to react to the current pandemic, civil unrest and coming threats that so many are waking up to.

  • Glen Martin Founder of PBN in 2008
  • Todd Sepulveda Founder of Prepper Website
  • All the hosts at PBN that serve as a conduit to a diverse group of new preppers
  • Rick and Jane Austin who have carried the torch since the beginning and created Prepper Camp
  • The collection of prepper authors like Ron Foster, William Forstchen and Glen Tate who made the public consider how bad things could get
  • All the New Blood that is showing preparedness for what it has always been, self reliance and independence a truly American concept

Of course, I left many out but I am not accepting an award or anything I am just a bystander to this whole things that realizes how much goes into a movement, like prepping, crawling out of the soupy mud of mockery and all the way into pop culture. I also understand what a huge benefit this framework is having on our nation and the world at the moment!

Can you imagine if FEMA was all the American people had to turn to through the pandemic and ensuing civil unrest?

They can buy food, water filtration, weapons, books, quality first aid kits and all kinds of other prepper gear because we have built businesses within our small community. We have created an electronic library of information on any and all topics of prepping.

Never forget the work that has gone into making this community viable and creating something that has now served the public as an emergency hatch during this unthinkable moment in our history.

This is a big moment for us because we were mostly given the time of day. We were mostly represented in a good light. This has been very rare in media representation.

A year ago I told you that preppers would be remembered as people who played a huge role in how America weathered the storms of the 21st century. Hard to believe because we have been dismissed for so long in our brave new America.

Prepping will become a way of life in this nation and we will look back more confused by the people of the mid and latter 20th Century than the preppers of the 21st Century. Till then, enjoy this episode!

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