August 14, 2022


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G.O.O.D. Game Bugging Out!

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G.O.O.D. Game Bugging Out!
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G.O.O.D. Game Bugging OutDo you remember the fun you had as a family while playing a good game of Monopoly or Sorry? We all remember that one family member who made a spectacle of yelling ‘Yahtzee’ at the dinner table. Playing board games with friends and family is a fun and important part of psychological wellness. In a grid down or SHTF scenario, we are all going to be under high stress. Having several board games available will be vital as they are EMP proof and can take our minds off the current environment. We cannot be on condition red all of the time, we as humans have to take a mental break. For those of us that gravitate toward a more realistic, prepper type of game I have a treat for you. What about a brand new board game about bugging out?

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A special guest will be joining me on this show to discuss her new board game. Susan, from Kill Switch Bunker Games, will be calling in to talk about her G.O.O.D. Game. She has created a new board game with the prepper and bugging out specifically in mind. The game stands for Get Out Of Dodge and includes many real-life scenarios we are likely to face in a bugout event.

In addition to the guest interview, I will be discussing the positive effects that playing games and interacting with others has on us. First, it increases brain functioning. Playing stimulates the areas responsible for complex thought and memory formation for both – kids and adults. Second, playing games, in general, promote laughter, happiness, and reduces stress. Third, playing helps to enhance creativity and self-confidence. Playing board games and being able to win at something can help introverts to come out of their shell and better interact with others.

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