July 2, 2022


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Homesteading, Prepping, and The Borrowed World

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Homesteading, Prepping, and The Borrowed World
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Homesteading, Prepping, and The Borrowed WorldCome along with Rich McGrath Host of Finding Freedom on this eoisode as we Interview Franklin Horton. Rich became friends with Franklin Horton on Facebook after reading the first book in his series. Rich sent Franklin a Friend request and the two started chatting back and forth about his books, prepping and other topics. After reading Locker Nine for the second time Rich realized that one of the characters in the book had a lot of similarities to him. Once again Rich reached out to Franklin and asked him if the character Chin was based off himself. Franklin’s response was yes, but said that he didn’t say anything to see if Rich would notice.

Franklin Horton’s first published novel, The Borrowed World, was released in May of 2015 and became a #1 bestseller in its category on Amazon. It’s the story of a man on a business trip when a coordinated terror attack devastates that nation and leads to the collapse of basic systems and services. The book has generated an overwhelming response and has a loyal following. Since that time he’s released two more books in that series and begun another series called Locker Nine.

His books are all about average people forced into a situation where their level of preparedness may determine their fate. He also does workshops and speaking engagements focused on the mental aspects of preparedness. His next book, the 4th in The Borrowed World Series, is called No Time For Mourning and will be released in January 2017. We hope that you will enjoy this interview.
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