Fewer Mouths To Feed Author Robert Bratyanski

Fewer Mouths To Feed… Author Robert Bratyanski
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Fewer Mouths To FeedThis week on The Prepping Academy Radio Show Forrest and Tender Foot will be joined by Robert Bratyanski. Robert, former US Army medic, is a personal friend and fellow member of the Carolina Preppers Network.
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https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LAFL4WM?ie=UTF8Robert is the author of the Amazon Best-Selling “Fewer Mouths To Feed” series of post-apocalyptic books set in Charlotte, NC and the inventor of the M.A.R.S. Tactical Mount, his patent pending device that enables the user to secure MOLLE holsters and pouches to any flat surface in your car, truck, boat or home.

A former US Army medic, Robert lives in Gastonia, NC with his wife and daughter and he has a son that is a First Lieutenant in the USAF and is currently deployed. Robert can usually be found online via the CPN forums and Facebook page, where he is a regular contributor.

When it comes to prepping there are a lot of unknowns. Almost always Preppers tend to be known as self-sufficient. What are the things you can’t prepare for on your own? Self-analyzing is just as important as evaluating the existential threats we see everyday around us. So for a moment ask yourself a few real questions. Do I have a plan? Do I have enough supplies? Am I proficient with my skills? These are some of the topics we will cover with Robert. We will also be checking the chat room for questions as well. It will be a great show.

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