August 7, 2022


Self reliance and independence

What is it to live Off Grid?
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

What is it to live Off GridFirst, right now I do not live off grid… While wishes I do think come true…there is much that must be overcome sometimes to get what we hope for. A favorite saying of mine is the 7 p’s (a military adage) “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”

As I said “right now” I do not live off grid, this does not say never have I!

12-2-15 green (720x540) (720x540)I have to an extent prior and am pretty well versed in many aspects of the lifestyle.
Circumstances sometimes place us in a position where what we wish and what we must do come in conflict. This is what I might like us to talk about on this show. Right now I live in a big old farm house that I rent with lots of acres but that is NOT where I’m going, just where I am paused! I think many of us are often times in the same place. Knowing where we want to be but unsure of how to get there.

12-2-15 horses (604x453) (604x453)With the 7 p’s it is clear, I feel, that one cannot simply “go off grid” at least not and hope to be successful…Money makes the world go round, whether or not we like it…we need it…
UNLESS….your off grid land is fully paid for and taxes paid in advance… you have all the materials and needs taken care of prior to, and even then you need to have an established means to take care of your future needs be it a job or business that will pay the mortgage or taxes & buy things like for example canning lids….

12-2-15 tree (960x540) (960x540)I know many skills from gardening to canning it…critters, cheese making, soap ect… Walked the path all my life, spent years researching concepts I wish to implement such as solar, wind and hydro power… solar water heat and even geothermal technologies and how they work… will again use grey water reclamation with rain water catchment along with other things such as utilizing the south face of the home. But again the 7 P’s keep me in check.. gotta work to make the money to get what I want in the end.

I have done a show in the past on things like this, I’ve explored intentional communities and found many good points and many flaws… There must be an outline and things set in stone…flying by the seat of ones pants….And while I am a well-known pantster in my writing and even on this show… in some cases this would be a recipe for little more than disaster.
I’ve had the opportunity to view a number of different styles on such topics and this week would like to try and establish some ideas as to how we can implement these without being “The Pantster”.
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