January 24, 2022


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Urban Homesteading!

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Urban Homesteading with Connie Meyer
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Urban Homesteading cmeyerThis week Karen Lynn will be interviewing Connie Meyer from Urban Overalls and they will be discussing all things Urban Homesteading!  As far as topics, She loves urban homesteading; her husband affectionately known as “Mr. Overalls” and her raise chickens, and bees in a small space and of course she does so  much more   She was on an urban homestead committee to help create the first ever Northern Colorado Urban Homestead Tour.  Connie grew up on a farm growing up and she brought the very values she grew up on to her urban homestead!  Very exciting!

Urban Homesteading IMG_2445Urban Agriculture is a topic that Connie is passionate about as well as conducting workshops/classes on various urban homestead/agriculture topics.  Connie is also a big proponent of the beauty and functionality of aprons read her post Aprons:  From Functional to Fashionable  and discusses why aprons should be another tool you use on your homestead.

4-7-15 IMG_2232Connie’s blog Urban Overalls is packed with homesteading information but also some great practical information for your homestead as you know Karen Lynn’s motto is “If you have a home you’re a homesteader”….Connie’s blog has tons of posts on “preparing for the winter” including articles on knowing your firewood, sorting beans, and more!  Connie and her husband “Mr. Overalls” believe in making what they have last longer this means they have skills such as repairing and mending.   Connie bakes from scratch, and her and Mr. Overalls are no stranger to hard work!

4-7-15 IMG_2102Whether you are interested in raising food in a small space, raising bees in an urban environment, or raising chickens this is the show for you!  But Connie has lots of practical posts on her blog too such as “Remove Wax Easily From A Towel” and “How to Cook a Flour Tortilla to Perfection”.   Karen Lynn loves visiting her fun, colorful blog and enjoys Connie’s down to earth real life perspective on homesteading!

You will definitely want to join them on their urban homesteading journey!

Listen to this broadcast on Urban Homesteading in player below!

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