August 10, 2022


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The Return of the Matriarch!

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The Return of the Matriarch

Women in kitchen relationshipsRosy the RiveterIn the last 40 years society has undergone severe changes that have taken women out of the home and into the workplace. Ever since Rosie the Riveter made her way into the munitions and heavy equipment factories of this nation women have been making great contributions to corporate America. In the 60’s we women were burning their bras and marching peace. In the 70’s they were demanding liberation! All of this was considered progress to some degree, but at what cost? The nuclear family has suffered over the last 40 years. Being torn hither and yon and its tatters left to blow in the winds of change like a piece of litter with no direction.

Join Noreen this Thursday when she will host the Homestead Honey Hour and timely topic will be about the interesting and current trend of women leaving the corporate rat race and returning to a more simple life of homesteading and domesticity. An exciting turn away from corporate jobs and into the domestic arts.

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