June 29, 2022


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Spring on the Homestead – A Busy Time Of Year!

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Spring on the Homestead – A Busy Time Of Year!
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Spring on the Homestead – A Busy Time Of Year!On this show we catch up with you all! It has been a busy spring on our homestead. Usually, winter leaves us all sitting inside our homes, by a fire, dreaming of all the new things we want to try on our homesteads in the following spring. We always spend that time talking together about big plans for the season. This year was no different! And in no time we had a few big ideas.

Early in February the weather got nice, and so we decided to jump start our season! It began with a serious upgrade to our existing barn. The barn was built on a gravel pad. The gravel drained well but made it very difficult to clean the barn. So it was time to pour a concrete floor. This has been on of the best improvements on the homestead!

The next big project we began working on was our pasture improvement. Over the last few years, our biggest problem with livestock was a lack of enough pasture and good pasture at that. Lots of our property that we were not using was heavily sloped, and not good for pasture. So we cut a road to our barn, (to get the concrete truck in) and used that to fill our sloped area. Now we have some serious pasture area!

Finally, we began prepping for our new orchard. This year we realized, (as we talked about in a previous show) the importance of growing fruit and other perennials on our homestead. The beauty of fruit is that it takes less and less work each year while yielding more and more fruit! So preparations began to install an orchard of many different fruit and nut trees! This Saturday we have an Event at the farm, where we will be installing the orchard! Join us for that event HERE!
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