August 14, 2022


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Small Space Homesteading!

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Small Space Homesteading
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Homesteading makettlehippyThink you can’t grow a ton of food and raise meat on a tiny property? Think again!

Karen Lynn has guest Heather from The Homesteading Hippy on her show to discuss small space homesteading and how much food and meat Heather and her family raise on a small “urban” space homestead. Heather has written the book Urban Chicken and is the blogger at The Homesteading Hippy and is a wealth of knowledge on small space urban homesteading. Heather gardens, raises chickens, cans their own food, and cooks from scratch just to name a few. She is a “Jane” of all trades if you will and encourages others to follow their homesteading dreams!

HomesteadingFrom recipes on homemade sprouted hummus, to making your own kombucha, to even making your own bone broth bouillon she has tons of clever blog posts all things related to homesteading which is a topic near and dear to Karen Lynn’s heart in particular Karen Lynn and Heather are both fans of raising chickens!

Heather also shares tons of posts at her blog and simplifying your life and recipes and information that will keep your family eating healthier and living a healthy lifestyle too! From her homemade cranberry oat bars to tips on reducing your plastic trash in your household she has something for everyone!

HomesteadingYou will be sure to learn something new about urban homesteading on this show! Make sure to call in or chat and ask your tiny space homesteading questions Heather will have an answer for you for sure!

Two friends sharing their love of homesteading this is sure to be a fun show!
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