August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Pioneering Today author Melissa Norris!
Host: Tara Dodrill “Common Sense Prepping”

PioneeringCommon Sense Prepping radio show guest this week is homesteading expert and author Melissa K. Norris. Melissa’s bestselling book, Pioneering Today, is a must read for anyone seeking to live a more self-reliant lifestyle. The Christian mom from the Cascade Mountains believes very strongly in the need to preserve the traditions of the past and is passionate about sharing those skills with others.

Melissa Norris had this to say when asked about her homesteading podcasts and writing endeavors:

“If we don’t preserve the traditions of the past, they’ll be lost. I don’t want my children to grow up ignorant of how to take of themselves and the land. Our health, debt, and families can be redeemed by many of the skills and traditions of the past. Food grown at home has more nutritional value than fruit and vegetables from the store and even local farmer markets, though farmer markets are an excellent choice if you can’t grow anything at home. For those living in the city, container gardening can still be a way to grow some of your own food.”

PioneeringNorris commonly posts to her website/blog three times each week and shares an extremely informative newsletter with her followers. On Mondays she posts about faith, on Wednesdays she highlights Pioneering Today instructional articles on cooking, preserving, gardening, and crafts. On Fridays she published Pioneering Today podcast episodes.

I found my own little house in the big woods, where I live with my husband and two children in the Cascade Mountains. I write a monthly column for the local newspaper that bridges my love of the past with its usefulness in modern life. My books and articles are inspired by my family’s small herd of beef cattle, my amateur barrel racing days, and my forays into quilting and canning—without always reading the directions first. I grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and my love of books has never stopped,” Melissa shared.

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