November 29, 2022


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Getting Caught Off-Grid

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Getting Caught Off-Grid
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Getting Caught Off-GridIn the following player we are discussing the reality of the electric grid going down and a personal story about me being somewhat caught off-guard. I have been on vacation with my family this past week in the North Georgia area with Tropical Storm Alberto coming through. So, like a good little prepper, I packed a small propane stove, my EDC, my camping cook set, and a family size battery powered lantern. However, I was unprepared for the power going out unexpectedly and being off grid sucks. The power going out is different from camping and even preppers are not fully prepared to deal with it mentally.

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In camping you have the psychology of preparing your mind to be off grid and it’s something you want to do. We relax and relish the darkness and the quiet of the night. It is however, not all quiet and not all dark. The stars and moon provide some light as does the glow of a nearby city reflecting off the clouds. The frogs, insects, and animals of the night are not quiet and being out in the woods is very much noisy. The ambient background noise of the woods is not dead still and helps us to reset and re-ground our minds.

However, when the power goes out at home it is a different ball game. There is a very real, un-nerving stillness. There is a real fear of the unknown that creeps into our minds. In a normal grid-up situation there is a small amount of ambient noise that you are hearing, maybe not conscientiously hearing, but it’s there and your mind processes that. We are accustomed to hearing constant white noise in our lives. This is a problem that we as preppers are going to have to deal with and it’s what I want all of you to try and practice.

Curious to hear more about my story? Then listen to this show in player above.

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