August 10, 2022


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Livestock integration!

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Livestock integration!
Host: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours

Livestock cowThis week on the We Grow Ours show Nick and Don will be covering the much anticipated topic of “livestock integration.” The principle is simple, the process isn’t always so. One look at nature and you’ll see there are not any rows of corn, wheat or other mono crops. There are no segregated areas for each individual animal species.

Nature is a flowing self-regulating organism. Yes it is made of multiple animals and plants, and yes they have their conflicts, but as a whole, the system set in place works. Livestock integration is our way of trying to copy an existing system. The goal is to have a system that uses very little in-put to produce a LOT of food. It’s kind of a solar powered food producer!!

Livestock IMG_0949The WGO team will explain how to start your operation small and within your means then grow it to fit your needs. They’ll also discuss the linking methods needed to branch between rabbits and quail, quail and fish, fish and rabbits, and both conventional gardens and aquaponics!!

Livestock integration isn’t just about food; the animal waste is also useful as biofuel feedstock. Nick and Don will cover some great uses for the waste you don’t use in the system. The plug of the week will now be called the “shout-out” due to some product name conflicts…

Our “Shout out of the week: Check out this cabin for rent.. many others are available on the site as well. We will be staying at this one owned by a friend of ours. This one is in Eagles Nest, NM.
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