August 17, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Lessons of generations past!
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Lessons of generations past!This week we take a journey into the past, an exploration of how things were done in “The Old Days.” For some of us when we consider things the way they were, sometimes it is with nostalgia or with a whimsical smile it brings warm fuzzy thoughts. For others of us it may make us cringe at the thought of chopping wood or hanging the laundry outside on a cold winter’s day. No matter the feelings we get when thoughts of these days are running through our mind. There is much to be said for “the way we used to do it.”

Lessons of generations past!An old saying that I am constantly reminded of that often brings me ponderings of things long past was from a book titled, Reason in Common Sense, By George Santayana. It said, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it,”. He is often misquoted as saying, “History forgotten is doomed to repeat.” which is a more common rendering of the saying an often equated to Einstein, but either way it is a good thought.

However, how does that apply to tonight’s show? It doesn’t in the strict sense of things, but in a more abstract way it does. Think on this, at some point these skills were learned and before that time mistakes were made that sometimes brought on famine, disease and other dystopian times. forgetting the lessons of the past no matter the kind of lesson, can often bring much hard times.

Lessons of generations past!Delving more specifically this week into the “Great Depression” I wish to give an insight into the differences between today and those days of hard times during the depression. The ways that people then coped with the difficulties and what it would mean to many today.

Join me in discussing these topics and others. I hope to discuss many little things from acorn flour to soap making and even the fact that butter can also be canned, or whatever tangent i might also find myself on this week. All the great inventions and gadgets of today, ain’t got nothing on Gramma’s recipe for apple butter or home made bread.

Up next week: Guest BC Lauer joins us to discuss his book, “I overthrew the government and this is how I did it” available now on Amazon. We will talk over some topics in his book and mine, I’m looking forward to a very interesting show,
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