November 26, 2022


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Interview with Karen Lynn “Lil’ surban Homestead”

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Interview with Karen Lynn “Li’l Suburban Homestead”
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Interview 7304152594_nThis episode, we are talking with Karen Lynn Thompson and her husband, “The Viking”, from Li’l Suburban Homestead. Homesteader, beekeeper, and fellow Prepper Broadcasting podcaster, Karen Lynn is owner of Lil’ Suburban Homestead and has been featured on Scratch Magazine, Prepare Magazine, just to name a few. She is a Co-Host at The Farm Blog Hop and The Simple Saturdays Blog Hop, and has a live streaming show every other Monday at 8pm Eastern on Around The Cabin.

I absolutely love Karen’s upbeat outlook and how fully she has embraced her suburban homestead lifestyle. From her website, and in her own words:

Interview lil20telltalesignsthatyoureafarmgirl-587x500“Welcome to Lil’ Suburban Homestead where innovation and homesteading meet! Every week we will bring to you the newest and most helpful articles to help you with creative D.I.Y. ideas, the best recipes using fresh organic food to what extent you can, ideas to help you live a more frugal lifestyle and so much more! Come join us on our journey with our beekeeping articles, chicken mama ramblings, and our fun loving lifestyle in Coastal, NC! The Viking my husband the love of my life and I are a team and have been pursuing a sustainable lifestyle for years! So glad you are stopping in for a visit!

Interview lil10252132_10204875045972615_5042018962521706787_nI want to bring back the art of canning to families and the joy of sitting around the dinner table eating a wonderful dinner that everyone in one way or another got involved in. Lets face it in this day and age its not easy to accomplish these goals but I will share some ways in which I get our kids involved! My husband and I are often involved in new projects of our own making! Come join us on our journey!I hope you can learn from our ideas and share with us so we can learn from you as well.”

Interview lil1979626_10204724809496797_3884406671460594701_nWhen Karen isn’t writing, podcasting, and sharing her knowledge base with others, she is living the life with her husband, The Viking, living our their homesteading dreams together. From chickens to herbs to bees to canning, I can’t wait to spend the hour chatting with this DIY Duo is creating that better life that so many of us are striving for. Join us for what will no doubt be a fun and informative hour!
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