February 27, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Homesteading and learning from our mistakes!

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homestead honey 150On the Homestead Honey Hour TheMrsVolfie takes the helm in this episode of learning and sharing from mistakes as well as triumphs!

I have heard it said that there is livestock and there is dead stock, when we start homesteading and prepping we don’t have all the answers so we rely on the internet. We rely on what people tell us, farmers, breeders, and old timers who have been around the block and then some!  But Guess what? These people are just human and they make mistakes, or maybe, they have never faced a situation you could face. Or, maybe they are selling you a line to make a buck. Whatever the case may be folks, putting people on pedestals can be dangerous. Many of us have blogs and YouTube channels, and we share our experience, our strengths and our hopes but that does NOT make us experts. All we can do is share what we learn, when we learn it, when we make a mistake admit it, and share what we learn from the experience.

If we OWN our mistakes…we can learn from them…and hopefully not make them again…Sharing our experiences with failure…is JUST as important as sharing our triumphs.

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