August 7, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Goat Farming & Farm Living with Heidi Gonzales From Tres Rios Farm
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Farm heidibioKaren Lynn is so excited to interview her good blogging friend Heidi Gonzales from Tres Rios Farm……Heidi is someone many of you can relate to and be inspired by she is a 40+ housewife, mother, grandma, goat, chicken, and cow wrangler, gardener, quilter, blogger and all around busy bee. She was born in the city, grew up in the burbs, and she has longed to live rural for much of my life. As retirement grew close her and her husband began looking for a homestead to call our own. We found it, and I have been LIVING my farm girl dreams ever since.

FarmOn Heidi’s homestead they have a small flock of laying hens, a herd of nigerian dwarf dairy goats, and our first dexter heifer calf. Last year was their first kidding season. The miracle of life is incredible and nothing compares to the bouncy cuteness of baby goats.

On her land they compost and mulch goat manure and spent hay, practice crop rotation, companion and decoy planting, and do not use conventional pesticides or herbicides. She is working to rehabilitate the overgrazed pasture we inherited.

She found blogging in 2011; Reading and following bloggers like Karen Lynn and many other a, those folks are who inspired her take the plunge and dive into homesteading on acreage. She is so glad of the journey she is on and has not looked back! Heidi is the founder of the Facebook group Farm Girl Chit Chat where farm girls from all over the world connect and she inspires many farm girls every day!

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