January 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Experiences in living off grid!

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Experiences in living off grid!
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Experiences john milandredOn this weeks episode of Surviving Dystopia DJ Cooper welcomes John Milandred to the show.  John has been a Preparedness, Survivalist, and Prepper Consultant to individuals and companies alike. Having been involved with The Prepper Podcast Radio Network, Radio host of Pioneering Your Way to Freedom, co-founder and co-editor of Pioneer Living Survival Magazine, co-author Chuckwagon Chow Family Secret Recipes, and even early on with American Preppers Network (advancing the term “Prepper” worldwide) he was a Prepper/Survivalist Consultant for Survival-Warehouse.com

5-11-16 johnJohn spent 5 years living the pioneer/self-reliant life with very minimal modern day conveniences. Living the day- to- day pioneer lifestyle allowed him the insight to pass his knowledge on to others so that they may learn to prepare for any “what if” scenario.  Mastering the art of farming in both traditional and raised bed methods also specializing in hydroponics and drought area plasticulture. He has done research for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Wildlife and Game (2010-2012). John could be seen on on Doomsday Preppers Season 3 Eps 1.

Not long ago John took some time out of his preparedness lifestyle and found time to do some other things.  He is currently writing a book that is not preparedness related and starting a new series of youtube cooking videos highlighting the pioneer cooking methods.  John has many youtube videos already to his credit.

Join me in welcoming John Milandred this Wednesday 9pm EST.  To talk about his experiences living off grid and his new series of videos coming soon to youtube.  Maybe we can get him to share with us details about his new Sci-fi book he is currently working on.
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