July 3, 2022


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Earthworks on the Farm

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Earthworks on the Farm
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Earthworks on the FarmOver the winter and spring, a huge earthworks project was underway here at the farm. Just last week the big excavator was picked up, and now our farm earthworks for the year is complete! The new Homesteady farm now has new roads, 3 times as much pasture as before, beautiful views, and tons of firewood!

The earthworks project has finished, now our plans for a major meat operation begin.

For the last 5 years, we have been raising pork and chicken, both for our own family and to the local community. Now we are going to dive into a larger scale meat operation. What kind of meat? We have not yet decided. There are some major factors to consider.
First, grass is best.We have learned how much work and stress grain fed animals are, and so now we would like to focus more fully on grass fed ruminants. We had much trouble previously with ruminants on our farm, but with much more managed pastures available to us now, we are in a better place for keeping ruminants. But which are best for us?

There are sheep, goats, and cattle. Each have its pros and cons. What will work best for us? Perhaps a mix of all three? Find out in this episode of Homesteady Live.
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