August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Developing Your Homestead!

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Developing Your Homestead: Buying raw land, an “old farmhouse on a few acres”, or re-vamping what you already own into a viable homestead can be an overwhelming proposition.   Where do you begin?   What should you look for when scouting out suitable properties?   What is the one thing that is crucial to a successful small farm?    What are deal breakers?   What “legal” aspects do you have to be aware of in regards to property use and development?    How do you triage your priorities when the project list seems endless?    What do you plant first?   What livestock should you start with?  How important is the soil type and fertility?   Where should you look for property?   These questions (and hopefully many of yours) are what is discussed on the Homestead Honey Hour July 19th.    Listen in as, Renée —  also known as Michigansnowpony – delves into this big topic of how to go about getting back to the land and pursuing sustainability in whatever capacity one desires.    And if you can’t move to that dream property, we talk about  how to bloom where you are presently planted as well.     I’ll share with you what my husband and I have learned  — often the hard way — in developing our own homestead over the past 20+ years. Listen in player below.

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