August 14, 2022


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Where IS the best place to be in a SHTF situation?

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Where IS the best place to be in a SHTF situation?
Host: Renee “The Homestead Honey Hour


Your eyes are open. You have watched over the last few years as various aspects of our culture and society spiral out of control, seemingly ever faster. You have that gut feeling something wicked this way comes. It’s why you prep. It’s why you strive for self-sufficiency. You look at your family and where you presently live – weighing the pros and cons – and you wonder: Should you re-locate or stay where you are?

bestThis dilemma has been long pondered in the prepper community, both on a personal, internal level and as a source of public debate. Many people cannot afford a second residence or “bug-out” retreat, so they are making the best of things where they are — a reasonable compromise. Yet more often than not, those making the best of where they are told where they live isn’t safe, nor sustainable. This message is repeated on forums, in articles and interviews, within end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it works of fiction, and in many youtube videos by “experts” on the subject.

bestNow, everyone has an opinion , but some folks are downright adamant that there are only a few places that will truly be secure and sustainable in a crisis situation. They may be right. But they may be dead wrong (pun intended), depending on exactly what happens in the future. Therefore, the answer to the “where is best” question is both complex and yet, very simple at the same time.

Personally, I do not think the criteria in determining what is a desirable location — and what is not — is as cut and dry / black and white as many make it out to be. For example, while population density is an important consideration, does it deserve the weight many assign to it in all situations? Does being bestnear a larger town cancel out other desirable criteria of a location? What about living IN town? Is that an automatic fail in a crisis situation simply because one isn’t in the middle of a secluded, 40 acre retreat? Is having people around you always a liability or can people be one of the most valuable assets a particular location offers?

If you want to dive into this topic with me, then join me this Thursday night, January 16, as I give you my take on the whole “where is best” debate. I invite you to call in and take part in this discussion and share your thoughts as well.
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