July 2, 2022


Self reliance and independence

A True Homesteader!

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A True Homesteader!
Host: Bobby “MHP Gardner

A True HomesteaderThere is a lot of interest in being self-sufficient these days. People are looking for information on how to grow and store their own food, provide their own meats, go off-grid with solar setups… get out of the system so to speak. We see a lot of these things in videos and on TV, and it all looks so cool. It seems like such an enjoyable way of life. And it really is.

But there is a great deal of work involved, lots of back-breaking labor. In the summer time, it’s often sunup to sundown… so much to do. And the animals and gardens don’t stop eating and growing just because you get tired. As the saying goes, “the show must go on”. So what is it really like on a day to day basis?

Misty277x180To get some first-hand accounts about the life of a true homesteader, on this episode of Preparing To Provide I have a very special guest for this show. If you’re familiar with YouTube, this lady is a legend. She does it all. If it has to do with homesteading, she does it, and does it well.

Cooking on a woodstove, splitting firewood, gardening and canning, raising and processing animals, Misty and her family do all of the things that you’d consider to be part of the true homesteading life. From the great state of Tennessee, I’ll be talking with Misty, also known as Misty Prepper to her Facebook friends. If you haven’t seen her YouTube videos, Go Here and  Check her out, she’s the real deal. I hope you’ll join Misty and me for some great conversation as we talk about exactly what it means to live the life of a homesteader.

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