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7P’s of Survival & Karen Lynn

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January 19nth 2016 7P’s of Survival with guest Karen Lynn

7P's of SurvivalTonight we will have Karen from Little Suburban Homestead on the show completing the cycle of our friend ship. For those of you who don’t know she had me on her show as a guest before I started my own show here, I then took over her Tuesday time slot as she moved to Thursday and now as she has moved on from the Prepper Broadcasting network she has come back almost a year since I was on her show to be on mine.

Tonight Karen and I will be talking about several issues related to the beginning homesteader. We will stare out the night talking all things chickens. My father recently became a backyard chicken farmer so I thought it would be good to talk with Karen and give everyone a few tips and tricks for keeping chickens for both fresh eggs and also meat. We will discuss what you need to start, how many chickens you would need depending on your goals, what to build (coop) and how to design it, free range vs. feed , roster or no rooster, what type of chickens are best, how to deal with neighbors, best practices for eggs collection, how to care for chicks, determining when its time to eat a laying hen and much more!

We will then turn to some simple tricks for backyard gardening/farming with minimal land discussing several tips and tricks at increasing your overall output. We will discuss multi-season gardening, indoor herb gardening and winter gardening. We will then turn to preserving your harvest via root cellars and canning where Karen will give you several tips tricks and maybe a few recipes to help you on your journey to becoming your own grocery store.
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