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This Thursday: “The Gunmetal Armory” 03/21/19

Gunsmithing the 1911 & other handguns Part 2

Hello TEAM GUNMETAL!! This week, I’m going to finish up my 1911 Gunsmithing podcast, talk a bit more about some mods you can make to a 1911, ways to take care of common 1911 problems… and if I have enough time… I’ll discuss some other handguns and gunsmithing them. I will touch on the Bible again, in a different episode. We’ll see. This weeks episode is going to be a continuation of last week… but it will also be fun and interesting, especially for those of you who don’t know anything about the 1911 or handguns in general. We are also going to cover all of our usual stuff too… the my badass Product pick or choice of the week, any 2A news I wanna mention, Range stuff, and any other relevant info I feel needs talking about. 

———- Here you will see 2 different 1911s… you will see a basic WWII type COLT 1911. This is the basic Mil-Spec version you can find all over the place. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but I bet you it will get the job done with that big .45 ACP round. And, you can see an image from the 1911 forums of a customized 1911. It has some great customized options.
We will go over all of this and more, this week, on the Gunmetal Armory. Plus we will talk about the 2nd Amendment, any crazy stuff I noticed at work, or in my own gunsmithing shop…. and anything else I think you guys might find interesting. We will also touch on our usual weekly segments, the Product Pick of the Week, and our Giveaway.
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Join us this week as we discuss Gunsmithing the 1911, this and much more… Only on, The Gunmetal Armory.

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When it comes to preparedness, most preppers believe it is better to have it and not need it, rather than need it, and not have it. At the Gunmetal Armory, we agree 100%, but we also believe that applies to your firearms, ammunition, tactics, skills, and other weaponry. Just like our listeners do, we believe in being prepared and helping others get prepared. We prefer to tackle topics surrounding the armory, the items inside it, and the tactics used when deploying its contents. Although we are not strictly limited to these topics, TGA shows include Gunsmithing, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition for all three. TGA shows also discuss the ins and outs of a primitive armory, types of primitive weaponry, how to make it, and how to use primitive weaponry. Our shows also cover various survival hacks, basic survival techniques, SERE Tactics and how to employ those tactics when necessary. We like to review all sorts of survival gear, how its used, and where to find it. We also discuss the testing of the gear, how it performed, and much more. We bring on Experts as often as possible to teach us new skills, answer questions, and discuss topics that are on the mind of most preppers.

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