August 14, 2022


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What that expiration date on your groceries REALLY means

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homestead honey 125Canning 100x100  1219121745bThis show re-scheduled from last week due to technical issues will air LIVE tonight Thursday 4/25

Many of us have food storage.  As people living a prepared lifestyle we take it upon ourselves to make sure we have what we need for any situation.  Food storage is the first thing many “preppers” try and achieve first.  We learn about a lot of things along the way but no matter how seasoned you may become when it comes to this facet of your preparedness there is always the dreaded “expiration date” question looming over our heads!

Join Noreen on The Homestead Honey Hour Thursday for this week when she will try to de-mystify what that expiration date on your groceries REALLY means, where it came from, how it started and how we can be sure that eating a product beyond that number will be safe for our family!
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