April 15, 2021


Self reliance and independence

“The Paladin Prepper Report” Premier, The Great Earthquake Barrier and more!

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“Meet veteran broadcaster Paladin Prepper as he presents the premier episode of “The Paladin Prepper Report“. Hear prepper related news and straight forward commentary. He also gives you a ‘heads up’ about geomagnetic threats in his brief ‘Space Weather’ segment. Then, be sure and listen for this week’s Prepper Point: “‘The Great Earthquake Barrier”. Paladin Prepper reveals the very real risk of all of your precious food storage ‘canned’ in glass jars, merely sitting on pantry shelves, with nothing to keep them in place. The slightest trimmer of an earthquake and… all the time, effort, and canning jars full of food… will come crashing to the floor. ‘The Great Earthquake Barrier’ is really ‘The Great Canning Jar Earthquake Barrier’ you’ll want to install to keep your canning jars safe. You’ll also want to watch his YouTube video on the subject.”

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