August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Stranded with nothing to eat, what will you do?

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Lady SlipperStranded with nothing to eat, what will you do? This is our topic for the upcoming episode of “Foraging For Life“. The scenarios below are just a couple of untold numbers that could actually take place and put you in a position of having to forage for food in order to survive.

You’re heading home from a family camping vacation and suddenly your vehicle breaks down beyond your ability to repair it. Still being far into the woods you have no cell phone reception, but you’ve left arterial plans of location and times with friends. You’ve already used what little provisions you started out with, so now you just need to find a day or two worth of food for you and the family until help arrives. What do you do?

Idaho Mountain lowerCabin fever got the best of you so you put your hiking boots on and headed out for a walkabout into the mountains. While taking in all the beauty, you somehow get turned around and the sun is quickly setting. Panic sets in as you’ve just gotten yourself more lost by wandering about and you feel your energy levels dropping. The two granola bars you jammed into your pocket were eaten hours ago without thought as you were only planning on a day trip. What do you do?

Safe emergency wild edibles are always a good thing to be able to identify no matter what the undesired circumstances may be at the time. This knowledge can be lifesaving! From the mountains to the deserts, we’ll explore the wild food sources available to get you through the situation at hand. Maybe you just want to diversify your creative culinary experiences in the comfort of your own home. No matter the scenario, join us this Friday at 8:00pm/Ct. and check out what these wild edibles are on Foraging for Life.

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