October 3, 2022


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Re-purposing, Having vs Hoarding

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Re-purposing, Having vs Hoarding
Host: Joe Prepper “Survival Revolution”

Re-purposingToday I’ll be talking about the fine art of re-purposing items, and the potential of an ambitious, creative mind. I will also talk about having vs hording and the litmus test to tell where you stand. Cleanup days are coming all too often as I find myself saving everything.

It’s one thing to have useful stuff on hand to complete a task, but it’s quite another to surround yourself with a wall of “never-gunna-use” junk. How do you tell the difference? I dunno exactly. I do know every time I am able to successfully re-purpose something, my ability, or at least my need, to keep and think of new uses for things becomes more and more an obsession. I’ve decided I am not really to blame as it is a positive by-product of trying to be more self-sufficient. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Re-purposingJoin me as I talk about some of the positives of hanging on to all those once used treasures such as minimizing costs and the “cool factor”. I discuss some of the things we are doing here and toss in a few ideas on how to get kids involved using the artistic, creative side of things.

I also have to be fair and cover the potential negatives of having such a useful stash of goodies such as potential risks from creating a safe haven for pests, predators and creepy things, fire hazards, nosy neighbors and the possibility of becoming the center of an intervention or star of the TV show Hoarders.

Joe Prepper160x160I end the show discussing several cool re-purposing ideas I have gleaned from various sources, or just made up myself. I go from pallet wood garden signs to trampoline chicken tractors and filing cabinet tool stands….come join me and let’s get those creative, redneck juices flowing….everybody has at least a few ounces in ‘em.
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