March 2, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Sharing the Rewards of a Community Garden!

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8-9-2I wanted to update you on our community garden. We are in the thralls of our first growing season and there have been plenty of challenges. Still for our small amount of space we were able to garner some quality vegetables and I am sure we will continue to grow. From this experience I have come to the conclusion that the community garden is a worthwhile endeavor for any prepper in a close knit community. We will talk about the benefits tonight as well as the challenges.


8-9If you are tight on land there could be a plot in your neighborhood that would be perfect to grow in. This is the direction most people are growing. They want to know where their food is coming from. If you can turn that into a nutritious alternative food source than why not. The fall is coming and you still have an opportunity to start before winter. We are planning our fall plants now as well. So we will discuss some ideas and plans.


I have talked about breaking away from the man on an island mentality. If you want prepping to be relevant and have some lasting affects not just on your pantry but on America this is the key. We talk about Rerooting America and I think the community garden is the first and most basic step that most people will see beneficial. It’s a great way to garner respect from your neighbors and earn their trust. Big show tonight on I Am Liberty!
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