May 23, 2022


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Harvest Time the right time to Preserve!

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Harvest Time the right time to Preserve!
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Harvest Time the right time to PreserveNow that we’ve reached the Fall season, we’ve reached the time to harvest & preserve foods for the coming winter… or at least that’s what people have done from the dawn of time. Today, normal folk now count on the nearby convenience store or the Big Box Store, whenever they run out of Extra Crunchy Sugar Bombs Cereal or what not, but we Preppers are different… we PREPARE.
So that means we tend to stock up… and that’s what this next show is all about.

apnreport150x150On this show we discuss how to get started with laying back some things for a rainy day & some methods of preparing foods anyone can master, that allows foods to be stored for months & longer. Now I’m far from being an expert, but even I have canned foods, and if you are handy in the kitchen, you can be very creative in canning soups & stews and the like that rival the best store-bought around.
We also discuss dehydrating, one of my favorite methods of preservation. I’m a Jerky lover so I’ll  even share with you my “Chef Jeeves Floor Sweepin’s” Dry Rub recipe. It beats any other Jerky Cure around.

The best thing about Canning & Dehydrating is that you ultimately get to enjoy the fruits of your labor whether there’s crisis or not. You are maintaining self-reliance with every Jar of Pickles, or Jelly, or dried Beef you preserve. It’s something the whole family can participate in too, even those who scoff at the idea of Prepping.
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