Fall Food Preservation
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Fall Food PreservationThat smell is in the Its also getting colder, bacteria, flies and the like are getting slower and less prolific. On the East coast Fall is an incredible time of the year with apples to be picked, cider to be had and horror flicks to be watched. Who could ask for anything more, not to mention archery season opens up! There are some standard preparations that should be taken at this time of the year and some classic preservation methods that I would like to talk about.

Summer is the life of abundance and pales in comparison to its evil step sister winter. In one of my previous books I found a quote that said ‘every mile is two in winter and that sums it up perfectly for me. There is nothing easy about it when we tend to get cocky with are giant gardens and the easy of harvesting and foraging. The native Americans said Spring was when they lost most of their people to hunger. As the small sprouts started to sprout from the ground things got really hard and most food storage was used up.

10-27-16-1024px-flickr_-_cyclonebill_-_andebrystI want to talk about fat, salt and some amazing things that can be done for the coming spring. Even to liven up the desolation of winter. These things are not just limited to meats either. We can use preservation methods for our delicious vegetables that were yanked from the ground all year long.

Its a time for strong spices, warm fires and for me its the only acceptable cooling of the planet. If we could just find a way to go from fall into spring now that would be something. Still, we will have fun with these preservation methods and prepare ourselves for another ugly winter.
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