January 23, 2021


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Preppers and the food that can kill you!

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Preppers and the food that can kill you!
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Preppers and the food that can kill youAs for the title this is not misleading! Prepping without thought will get you seriously hurt or killed. So many of us have the illusion that we will be a Rambo type that can go around shooting up the bad guys and living off the land. I think most of us watch a few tv shows (alone) or any of the like and think we can survive. It isn’t quite as easy as that.

Survival if you are alone can be extremely hard without the amenities you may be use too. What will you do without having a fridge, no way to get food, no supermarket to buy your food? The only way you may be able to get food is to hunt or forage, and this will have to be enough to sustain you. Without food storage this means you have to do this often, and in winter months if you chose to live on your own out in the woods you might be in trouble.

The thing about healthy survival is our intake of calories. We live in a supersize me world where everything is a drive to the supermarket or the fast food place. We won’t exactly have that if shtf happens. This show I talk about the common mistakes, the misconceptions and what we shouldn’t fall into as a healthy prepper. I think one of the major ones is the shape we are in; I see it too often.

Prepper’s are at a point where they have food, supplies, guns, ammo, but yet if they threw that pack on they couldn’t make it a mile. I was among one of these people. I was over 400 lbs and I would be lucky to make it out the door with that gear on. I decided to change that and change my life and lose weight and get in shape. I think most of us believe we can go forever with all of this fast food and smoking and everything we do. I will dispel this myth and many others, so enjoy the show!
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  1. Great point! I see this all the time and people need to understand that your body is number one on the list for a serious pepper. If you don’t take care of it then you will perish!

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