January 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preparing your Body, Meals from Superfoods.

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I am liberty 125We all know about the superfoods. Those spices and herbs that can turn you into a health beast. There are so many great foods out now and the science to back it up is stronger than ever. But the question is, what the hell do you do with a pomegranate seed or how do I incorporate that into an actual meal? What can I do with acai berries other than just pop them into my mouth? I love yogurt and all but besides scooping it with a spoon each morning what else can i do with it?

8-30ChefTonight on I Am Liberty I will don my chef hat for you once again and we will put together some great meals with optimum health. We will explore things like the Allium family and how to make garlic a headliner in a meal. One clove in 4 quarts of sauce just wont do it for the blood pressure. Kale, maybe the greatest green available for consumption but for some reason people think dehydrating them and turning them into bitter salty chips is the best way to eat it them.

8-30SuperFoodsPhysical fitness and Diet to me are step one and two for getting prepared for any disaster. All the cool gadgets and knowledge in the world will assure you zero days alive if your body can’t push on. Its not about fancy diets or omitting this, just eating that. Balance in all things is how you become a health beast. Cinnamon, honey, oats, salmon all power houses. Like I said we all have our own list but how do you combine, prepare and serve them to help your body perform when you most need it.

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