September 16, 2021


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Preparing For Life’s Storms!

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Another Premier Debut on American Preppers Radio! “Preparing For Life’s Storms” with BexarPrepper!
Tonight, 7/3/2012 8:00pm/Central on “Preparing For Life’s Storms”!
Have you been watching the prices in the grocery store, as the product packages shrink?
What’s the answer? Grow your own produce. Every gardening question you ever wanted to ask but no one to ask it to. Well tonight on Preparing for Life’s Storms, BexarPrepper will welcome in Bobby (mhpgardener) an avid gardener, friend and gracious spirit. Bobby built both his greenhouses; I like to call them hangers cause their big enough to fit a plane in. He is learning hydroponic gardening he also gardens the traditional way, like the rest of us. Bobby grows some of the sweetest tomatoes I have ever tasted, nothing like what you get in the grocery store. So let’s all come with our questions and learn from the master and make our gardens as productive as possible to combat inflation. Listen to tonight’s show in player below!

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