August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preparing 3-5stove1Come join BexarPrepper on Preparing For Life’s Storms Tuesday March 5th at 8pm central time for Off-grid cooking. Last week we heard about HWhit’s off-grid home so now let’s get prepared to cook some food in it. You have lots of food storage and you’re learning how to cook with it but did you really think about how you’re going to manage that? There are many options some better than others for either short term or long term.  We’ve got over fire, Dutch oven tripod, stove tech, wonder box, solar oven, wood stove, propane, Coleman stove or oven, Weber, Sterno, denatured alcohol and generators. So let’s talk about them and hear from you what methods you have tried and what you thought about it.

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