November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Knowing how to store fats effectively!

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There’s hardly a prepper around who doesn’t know how to store beans, rice, oatmeal, salt, and other long term storage essentials, but there’s one food group that can be problematic to store, and often leaves us scratching our head.  Its fats!  Knowing how to store fats effectively is absolutely essential to our long-term plan. How can we store fat, a food that has a relatively short shelf life, so that it tastes good, and is safe to eat years after we place it on the shelf in our long-term food storage?  Join Katzcradul on “The Homestead Honey Hour” as she reveals some strategies for selecting and storing fats long-term.  Some of her ideas are unconventional, but have proven effective for her family. 

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