Illness, Sickness and Common Sense Cures!

Illness, Sickness and Common Sense Cures!
Host: James “I Am Liberty”

IllnessAbout a year ago my son was still very young and smearing me with sickness like nothing I had ever known. His body was creating disease that was just perfectly compatible with my own. I missed more work from legitimate sickness that year than the previous two years.

Though my diet, fitness and health were all hitting on high my body wasn’t working right or rather I wasn’t working it right. There were very simple things I was doing to hurt myself and even simpler things I wasn’t doing to get well or avoid sickness altogether.

IllnessTonight on I AM Liberty we are going to talk about fighting. Not in the ring or the streets or the octagon. We are going to talk about fighting illness. We will go over several tips and tactics. I am no MD but you can bet after that year dealing with the “outbreak” I found what helps and what hurts.
Just like fighting techniques there are practices and weapons that improve your chance of victory.

My left hook has to be vitamin C. It is the most underutilized and misunderstood vitamin out there. Its power to heal is so impressive and we will talk about it. Garlic, ginger, honey are some other tools in the chest. It’s Illnessimportant to understand that food medicine is the most effective with the least amount of consequence on vital organs. I always reach for the ginger root before the cough syrup. I had friends that would get high as kites on cough medicine.

Of course there are things like digestion, hydration and recognizing early symptoms that are just as important. It’s really about knowing your body. I’d rather you not waste your precious time with the tea kettles and the thera flu or worse the doc visit.

Let’s see what we can do tonight. Like I said I am not, never have been, and never will be a doctor but I can still give you some prevention tips that I have learned from trial and error. Don’t miss it tonight on I AM Liberty.

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