August 9, 2022


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Tales from the Turkey Woods

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Tales from the Turkey Woods
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Tales from the Turkey WoodsThis week I spent some time chasing turkeys through the woods and fields. The last eight years I have been on a mission, to kill a turkey. The last eight years I have failed.

Eight years ago I started hunting. After watching Food Inc. and learning all about where our meat at the supermarket comes from, I decided that my family needed to have better quality food. At that time, however, we were living in a third story apartment and did not own any land, so raising our own meat was out of the question, at least not from our own property.

Owning no land but wanting to put good quality meat on the table led me to hunting. Hunting can be a great source of organic, free range, protein. But hunting is very challenging, and sometimes can leave you empty handed. For me, deer hunting has been a fantastic source of meat for our family. Turkey hunting… not so much.

In this episode of Homesteady live we will talk a little bit about the basics of turkey hunting. What you need for equipment to get started, and what seasons to hunt turkey. Then we will talk about my last turkey trip. 2 days spent in the woods.

Each year I spend a few days with a friend from PA running around the Pennsylvania woods trying to bag a turkey. This year we had some success! Morning number 1 we heard lots of turkeys, called back and forth, even had some coming closer. We might have had a turkey day 1, but then something went wrong…. And then on day 2… SUCCESS!

So join us for the story from the turkey woods. Call in or ask questions in the chat box, or even share a turkey hunting story of your own!
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