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What You Should Know About Coyote Hunting and their Behavior

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What You Should Know About Coyote Hunting and their Behavior

What You Should Know About Coyote Hunting and their BehaviorCoyote hunting poses significant challenges in a hunter’s game. This is the reason why it is considered to be the hardest and one of the most dangerous activities which a hunter can ever experience. With this, it is only imperative that you keep the following tips for coyote hunting and behavior for a more successful hunting experience.

Coyotes are known to be one of the most cunning animals. This fact makes the hunting session challenging and at the same time, makes it more rewarding.

Check the following discussion as we give you the great tricks in understanding Coyote behavior and the best way to hunt them.

Understanding Coyote Behavior to Successfully Hunt Them

It is very imperative that you take some time in understanding the ways and nature of Coyotes before hunting them. This is because their behaviors can be very frustrating especially to amateur hunters.

Coyotes have excellent hearing and eyesight capabilities. Also, their sense of smell can out-do a human’s abilities ten times fold which makes it easier for them to slip away from a hunter even the most brilliant one.

Coyote behavior can change along with the season and brings more confusion to most hunters as there will be no exact plan to attack and trick them finally. They are very active during spring, summer and fall season.

They are known to only rest one-third of the time during the entire summer season as they spend most of their time hunting for food.  During the winter months, however, Coyotes are less active and move slower since their food source is limited. This is the harvest time for most hunters as Coyotes during this season are easy targets.

Also, since most animals are in hibernation during the winter months, Coyotes only rely on carrion and carcasses as their food source. You can easily find them during these times in areas near poultry and livestock farms where they have easy access to their food source.

Strategies in Hunting Coyotes

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Now that you have already gained knowledge with the unusual behaviors of Coyotes, it is about time that you learn few tactics on how you can get them. Many people really enjoy crossbow hunting but the others have never used it.  The following are most common hunting tactics used by well-known and expert hunters in the field.

  • Make Use of Coyote Calls

The technological advancement that the modern world offers today makes it easier to imitate Coyote calls. Today, Coyote call devices are a lot lighter and more portable compared to their previous counterparts.

The detection of Coyote location is now a lot easier through the use of howling/barking calls which the Coyotes are expected to answer. Upon their answering of such call, they will reveal their location which the hunters can use against them.

  1. Making the Most of Your Coyote Calls

( Video from you tube : Coyote Calling Tips HERE!)

Amidst its high-tech natures, a Coyote call also needs emotion and more distress feeling when used as your target are not the conventional passive targets. Again, these are thinking and intelligent animals, and if they feel like the call which you have just thrown has lacked emotion, they will outsmart you quickly.

  1. Do Not Forget your Decoys

Coyotes, being keen observers with exceptional eyesight, will most likely look for the source of the call upon hearing it. It is best that you set up a convincing decoy that will not give away your cover quickly.

Your kid’s worn-out stuffed toys are good replacements as decoys, but if you want a more compelling one, you can always purchase battery-operated decoys in the market.

  1. Prepare your Guns

Deer rifles can be great guns for Coyotehunting. However, flat-shooting rifles with .223 calibers are also great for open fields and terrains. For areas which permit night hunting, shotguns are also good equipment to ensure hunts.

For the proper setup, you can use a tight-choked 12-gauge which can throw small patterns. You can also opt to use no. 4 buckshot for magnum type loads. This is very common to those who are also hunting turkeys.

 5. Stay Downwind

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Staying downwind is very vital for Coyote hunting. Since these animals have an exceptional sense of smell, never ignore the condition of the wind and the kind of set up you are building.

One wrong move at this stage will cost you your entire day and everything which you have prepared in the past few days or weeks. So, make sure that you do not take this reminder lightly.

  1. Remember that Coyotes Come in Pack

In a place where you can find a Coyote, you have to bear in mind that there are still few of them in the same area. So, if you noticed that a Coyote keeps on taking pauses as he walks and looks around, it is an indication that there is another Coyote following him.

So, in cases like this, do not take the shot just yet. Wait for the other Coyotes to arrive. You can use a Ki-Yi distress call to stop a Coyote and then you can take the shot.

  1. The Aid of Shooting Sticks

Since Coyotes are very keen in observing their environment and other factors, few movements can give away your cover as well. So, the use of shooting sticks and stands will minimize your movement as you prepare for the shot. It will also help you steady the shot and gain accuracy when shooting.

Few Things to Remember

Coyote hunting is not your usual hunting experience as they are shrewder compared to other animals. It requires a lot of patience, skills, and knowledge before you can hit the jackpot. Thus, it is essential that you try to learn understanding Coyote hunting and their behavior as these are factors that will help you towards your success in this venture.

We hope that you seriously take the factors which we have discussed in this article. Use them to your advantage. We guarantee you that these factors if taken seriously will bring you all the perks of Coyote hunting.

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