August 7, 2022


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Ethical Hunting during shtf

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Ethical Hunting during shtf
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Ethical Hunting during shtfThe subject of food storage is a big thing with preppers and those that want to start prepping. But we often forget to look at the need for a backup plan to get our number one resource and that is sustenance. Hunting is one of the biggest things we need to learn when it comes to prepping. We cannot truly rely on our stored food alone to sustain us. I hear so many times that “I have a years’ worth of food stored up”. I would ask what if the need for stored foods lasts longer than a year.

7-22-16 dcd283b4dbd9e936c099b0bb2e57412eAs a prepper I believe the best thing you can do is have a backup plan and a backup plan to that plan. Hunting and trapping is a couple of good ways to do this, along with growing food of course. I will discuss why this is important. Also why it should be a major decision in your choice of bug out location and what you should use to hunt with. The need for this is one of the most important things you can learn as a prepper, especially if you have multiple people in a group that require food every day. Growing food is great and food stores are as well. To sustain a large group you will have to learn to hunt and harvest enough to feed your group and keep calorie count up when calories are not guaranteed.

7-22-16 ETHICAL-HUNTERNow the question arises, are there ethics in hunting if shtf happens? The rules today are there to protect the population of animals so we all can harvest them without endangering the species. Throughout history we have hunted animals to extinction or near extinction The natives and early American’s hunted buffalo so much they almost died out completely.  I will discuss what we should do ethically and if it matters in shtf. Society is based on ethics, if we abandon them we are hopeless.  We will pose the question, what do you think is ethical and should we continue to practice it? So enjoy the show and questions are always welcome!
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