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The Easiest Animals to Hunt for Meat When the SHTF

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The Easiest Animals to Hunt for Meat When the SHTF

The Easiest Animals to Hunt for Meat When the SHTFDo you want to know what are the possible options to hunt for meat when the SHTF? No? Here I am going to introduce you with the best possible solution out there!

But before I start, you will be wondering who I am? And why should you listen to me?

My name is Jessica Kelley and doing the hunting from my childhood. I spent lots of time in the hunting fields with my dad from childhood. I also have my blog named as Hunting Mark where I often write about hunting & survival.

So, follow this guide as you will have to become a great Prepper to combat the emergency situations or catastrophic disasters.

There are lots of animals and birds that are edible and you can hunt them easily in normal conditions, but there is a different scenario while post SHTF.

So, you have to prep for that critical situations in order to feed yourself and your family with meat to assure better health. Just take a look upon my suggestions given below:

Points to Know Before Prepping:

First of all, you need to know about the answers to a few fundamental questions:

What animals/birds are edible?
Where do animals/birds reside?
How can you trap them to hunt while SHTF?
What is the food for those animals/birds?
What is their routine, whether they come out during daytime or night?
Are they easy to cook or not?
How can you locate them when SHTF?

So, these are the basic questions you should find the answers first.

It totally depends on the area you reside in, either that contains the good population of edible animals/birds or not.

When you start prepping from this point, you will have your half job done.

I would not talk about a specific area/town, as it varies from location to location. So, analyze where do you live, what kind of edible creature is presently out there, and how easily can you hunt them when SHTF?

Collecting all this useful information will definitely help you prep the pre disaster scenario.

The Easiest Animals to Hunt for Meat When SHTF:

There are lots of animal and bird species that can be hunted in order to get the protein food normally. But when you might be facing the emergency condition, you must prep for it wisely. How can you do that? I just elaborate below:

Goats are a pretty good option to avail while you are stuck in a disastrous environment around. You can simply hunt them to manage your meat requirements easily.
This is not the single benefit you can get from the goats, but you can get a pretty good amount of milk from this creature. Goats’ milk and meat, both will help you stay healthy even in the emergency scenario.

Chicken is another suitable option that can be used to manage the meat requirements post SHTF.
There is an additional advantage of chicken that they can lay eggs for you. They do not need any big diet to feed them, but you can feed them by wheat, corn, or rice etc.
It is very easy to hunt chicken for meat, you can easily do it by yourself.

Sheep is another good source of meat that can feed you to keep you more than healthy. You can feed as many people of your family as you want. It is no more difficult to hunt or feed the sheep. The simple grass will be sufficient to meet the sheep’s feeding needs.

You can intake the sheep milk as well. So, it is beneficial for you when the SHTF.

It is also a good option to avail post SHTF. It is one of the easiest birds to hunt for meat. You can feed them with the concentrated food and it can prove to give you a favorite meat in emergency days. So, do not ignore this option as it is much more beneficial for the Preppers.

Cows and buffaloes are large animals and they can feed your whole family with the meat and milk. You can hunt them easily as they are domestic animals, not wild ones. The milk of cow/buffalo is a great source of energy and nutrition. The meat itself is undoubtedly a great source of energy.

If you are courageous enough to manage the feeding pasture and grain production for this big creature, I would recommend you to have a stock.

But if you are unable to manage a wide area of land along with a pasture land, just think twice before stepping forward. Anyhow, it is a great source of meat and milk that is more than sufficient for a big family.


So, that is all about, how can you hunt the animals easily while post SHTF. These options give you a great choice and the choice is all yours. Just prepare yourself to fight any of the disastrous conditions anytime. Stay blessed!

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  1. umm what happened to real animals,, like beaver,muskrat, skunk, fisher, marten, mink, fox bit weird in taste haha,,, these are all staple foods for a trapper,, a real trapper that is

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