How to Eat on $10 a Week A 10 Step Guide to Eating on Less.

Bexar 4-2eat10aweekBexar 4-2cindiOn this episode of Preparing For Life’s Storms! It is all about how you form a budget for yourself and learn to shop wisely while gathering a good food storage.  You learn how to use your kitchen and cook from scratch, then you start using the storage you built up.  Meanwhile, there is a way to save for the big-ticket items such as a deep freeze, wheat grinder, shelves to put your storage on, get out of debt, etc.

It’s so easy!  The hard part is letting go of bad habits like overspending on a whim, impulse shopping, eating out all the time, and such.  For some it may be learning how to cook!  I’ve done many seminars on this book!  Almost as many as the wheat book.

You can purchase the books at Cindi’s Lifestyle Treasures!

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