Gluten Intolerance – GMO Connection

The Gluten Intolerance – GMO Connection
Host: Noreen “The Homestead Honey Hour”

Gluten intolerance_au_gluten_21Did you ever stop to wonder why it seems that so many people are diagnosed with gluten intolerance? I cannot think of a time in recent history when so many people seem to have either been formally diagnosed or self diagnosed as being “Gluten Intolerant”. It may be that we see gluten free products all over the marketplace. It may be that many of the labels you see boast that the contents are “gluten free”. But did you ever wonder why this seems to be so rampant?

Gluten GMOStudies that were recently done show a connection between gluten intolerance, Celiac’s disorder and Genetically Modified Organisms. While wheat that is grown today is NOT genetically modified and there is plenty of science and proof to back that up, there are no fewer than 9, count them 9 crops that are prevalent in our food system that are genetically modified by “you know who”. Those crops are in just about everything from the processed foods we eat to envelopes we lick! There is no getting away from them without knowing where they are hiding.

Gluten Roundup-herbicide-linked-to-celiac-disease-and-gluten-intolerance-new-study-suggestsIt isn’t just gluten intolerance that seems to be out of control either, other auto immune disorders such as thyroid disease, arthritis, lupus, asthma and others are starting to become more and more prevalent today. Is it because of the GMO crops? Maybe, the studies are frightening and you will be surprised and interested to know what they say!

Gluten gluten-foodsJoin me, Noreen, this week when I host the Homestead Honey Hour where we will be discussing the Gluten Intolerance ~ GMO connection . Phones will be open and you can call in with comments and/or questions. You can also be sure that there will be lots of interesting conversation when this train leaves the station!
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