August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Sun OvenGaltstrikelogo183x125From the Philippines Tom founder of American Preppers Network, the State prepper networks and many others will have Paul of Sun Oven live, on air as his guest this Thursday 4/11/2013.

As you may know, Tom, the host of GaltStrike has been in the Philippines for the past two weeks where he plans to marry on the 16 of April. (Congratulations Tom) While there he has been sharing self-reliance and independence to a small village on one of the many remote Philippine islands. Among the many items he took with him to share with the native people there were several Sun Ovens, Clothes washers, and Waterstep Water Filters.

VillageListen in as Tom, Paul and Catman talk about the culture of these people and the response to the tools Tom took to the Philippines that Preppers are so familiar with. Learn some things these islanders do as habit we strive to learn as preppers. Ask questions of Tom or his guests, be sure to listen in on this show and join us in the interactive chat room 4/11/2013 at 7pm/Eastern 6pm/Central.

There will be two or three more shows where Tom will be broadcasting from this small community before returning to the States. Be sure to listen in on this show, and catch next week’s show for updates and more from Tom and Catman on GaltStrike.

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Waterstep Water Filter
Waterstep Water Filter






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