November 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Forgetting where our meat comes from and being thankful for having it!

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Black Cow

homestead honey 150The MrsVilfie of The Homestead Honey Hour discusses our most natural resource for food and why to remember where it came from and to be thankful that it is there.

When we harvest an animal…be it from the wild or something we have raised. We give THANKS…Thanks to the creator and thanks to the animal for providing us with nourishment.  WHY? Because for too long we have been removed from the process of WHERE our nourishment comes from. Too many people grab meat from the counter and don’t think twice, that it used to be an animal…living and breathing, breeding, feeding it’s young. They just look at the price tag, pop it in their cart and move on. But when we Pray over an animal and thank it for its life and thank God for allowing us to have it.  WE are called barbarians.  So how does killing an animal for food lead to my reverence and respect for life? Because when I raise it, feed it, love it, kill it and cook it…I have completed MY part in the circle of life! When you hear the words…the circle (or cycle) of life…what does it mean to you?

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