November 26, 2022


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Four Seasons of Wild Edibles

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Four Seasons of Wild Edibles
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty”

6-6 staffTim2Be sure to include a pen and pad for this episode of the I AM Liberty show. We are talking wild edibles with the man behind Earth Connection School ( . Also a contributor in Outdoor Life and the author of Prepare for Anything Tim is going to bring us some great information to the show tonight on wild edibles in particular.

There are very few days left in spring and though you may have missed your chance to get out and forage for some of the best Spring has to offer there is plenty left to get out and see. I have been enamored with wild edibles at least for the last two years. It really has opened my eyes too how much of the world around us is edible.

Wild Edibles mzl.efvcmancI have written articles before about fitness and highlighted the importance of running the woods. Find a decent park and get into those woods. Tim MacWelch is going to drop a ton of knowledge on us but like anything else if you are out there seeing these plants and understanding the uniqueness of each than it will be all for nothing. I can’t emphasize enough that this show will be great but you can’t learn about wild edibles from your couch, computer, twitter or YouTube.

We are looking to talk about four seasons of wild edibles. There are opportunities out there all year long and we are going to talk about them tonight. Let’s also not forget about the purity of those wild edibles. We talk a lot about nutrition and the food system. No one is spraying chemicals deep in the woods or even in that corner of your property that you never venture out to. Nature is not genetically modifying its food in a lab. Keep all this in mind when you join us for this episode of I AM Liberty.
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