October 3, 2022


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Food Storage The Top 10 Must Haves!

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Food Storage The Top 10 Must Haves!
Host: Bexar Prepper “Best of Prepper Broadcasting”

Food StorageIf you do nothing else what are the minimum items you should have in your food storage. Tonight BexarPrepper will go over her list of must haves of food storage. What are your top 10? This hour BexarPrepper will devote the time to basic food preparations for the new prepper. So come join us Tuesday 2-4/2014 at 6 pm central time and share your knowledge with those just starting out. Once you’ve met this goal what next? Let’s hear from our listeners on what they have found they don’t want to live without in their food storage.

Life is like a road in the hills. We all experience up, downs, twists and turns. What makes this road level out is the amount of preparation that’s taken before the crisis hits. So whether your preparing for 2012 or those dreaded words “we have to lay you off”, prepping will see you through. So come join BexarPrepper for a informative yet entertaining hour as we share our knowledge on this journey.
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