Fishing. It’s about the details.

Fishing. It’s about the details.
Host: James “I Am Liberty
FishingThere are few things in life that I do as often as get out and fish. Its my therapy and my time to ponder this twisted direction we are headed. I am a catch and release fisherman so the connection between fishing and food is simply not there when I am out. However, over the years I have thrown thousands of pounds of food back into the waterways.

On this broadcast of I Am Liberty we are going to be talking about fishing. Fishing and food to be exact. There is just so much opportunity when you get out and fish but its the details that get it done.

FishingLooking over a body of water most people see the rushing water and the sticks or debris rising out of the flow. The fact is there is a whole world under that water where fish hide and hunt. We will talk about all the details. Aside from the actual body of water there are many other variables. Things like hooks, line and weather all can affect you catch. What you will find is that its not all you thought and sometimes it might even be the opposite.

FishingFishing with my father since I am 4 years old this will be just another trip down the creek. The information tonight has been garnered over the years. Don’t miss it and get in the chat cuz I will be using links to explain topography and techniques.

The fact is most bodies of water offer a great source of food. Both plant and animal. You can up your odds of success by following the tips we will talk about tonight. I hope to help you better understand the world beneath the water as well as what you put into it.

Also a special thanks to all of you who participated in the book giveaway. I felt an overwhelming sense of community from my prepped brothers and sisters.
It’s fishing with I Am Liberty. Don’t miss it!

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